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I dominates

Seduction places you in line, revealed to a submissive side.
A crack of my whip is fine, latex rubber and blind eyes
Cat o' nine tails breaks you down, my discipline is so profound
Scars and cuts keep you around, tied up or tied down as
Long as you are bound...just as long as i am bound.

Place you in my sense of care, you ´d do all for me, anywhere...
I´m the master You are the slave, willing to be my depraved
Servant to my ev'ry whim, let this fetish slow begin
I Take control let this be done, I rule this moment what may come.
I like this thing i am whenever you are near
There is no resistence here
I dominates-you need some pleasure with your pain
I dominates-abuse you in leather whips and chains
I dominates-reduce you to a pleading cry, break the
Skin and tantalize
You need some pleasure with your pain-I dominates...
27.6.09 22:50


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