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The only way to be pure is to stay by yourself

Total submission can be a form of freedom

Often you should act like you are sexless

The more you know the better off you are

Symbols are more meaningful than things themselves

Description is more valuable than metaphor

It´s better to study the fact than to analyze it s history

Eating too much is criminal

You should enjoy yourself because you can change anything anyway

There´s a fine line between information and propaganda

Chasing the new is dangerous

You can´t expect people to be something they´re not

Sometimes all you can do is look the other way

Anything is a legitimate area of investigation

Habitual contempt or disgust doesn´t reflect a finer sensibility

You can pull yourself out of any hole if you are determined enough

Imposing order is man´s vocation; chaos is a version of hell

Hiding your motives is despicable

Trading a life for a life is fair enough

Sacrificing yourself for a bad cause is not a moral act

Redistributing wealth is mandatory

Change is valuable because it gives the oppressed a chance to be tyrants

It is heroic to try to stop time

You get the face you deserve

Thinking too much can only cause trouble

You are responsible for constituting the meaning of things

You are completely guileless in your dreams

Children are the hope of the future

People are boring unless they´re extremists

You don´t know what´s what until you support yourself

You must disagree with authority figures

Violence is permissible, even desirable occasionally

In some instances it´s better to die than to continue

You have no more responsibility to your family than to other people

You should raise boys and girls in the same way

At time inactivity is preferable to mindless functioning

It´s good to try to stay clean on all levels

It´s crucial to have an active fantasy life

The most profound things are inexpressible

Self-awareness is a type of decadence

Being bored can make you do crazy things

Drama often obscures the real issues

Crimes against property are relatively unimportant

Dying should be as easy as falling off a log

The world operates according to discoverable laws

There´s nothing redeeming in toil

Expiring for love is beautiful but stupid

Fathers often use too much force

If you´re not political, your personal life should be exemplary

Slipping into madness is valuable for the sake of comparison

Learn to trust your own eyes

There´s no sense being anywhere but the top of the heap

Your actions are pointless if no one notices them

A strong sense of duty can imprison you

Repetition is the best way to learn things

21.6.09 18:30


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